Malignancies have been one of the most important global health challenges leading to extensive morbidity and mortality in the contemporary world. Treatment of oncological diseases, for the past thousands of years, have gradually evolved chronologically from surgery, to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy. In parallel, it has also diversified from single treatment to multimodality and multidisciplinary management. Radially, translational oncology from bench work to clinical applications has provided fabulous platforms for novel and precision therapy. Geographically, single-institution retrospective studies have been overtaken by international multi-centre randomised-controlled trials. Holistically, the hidebound theory of one cancer treatment applied to all patients has transformed into precision medicine based on the specific genetic and molecular characteristics of the tumour cells in individual patients. Personalised and precision therapy through international collaboration shall become the norm of future medicine for cancer patients.

In view of rapid development of cancer research and treatment, an international oncology forum will be of paramount important for exploring the latest advances from internationally renowned experts and providing an academic platform fostering knowledge exchange and future collaboration. Our Hong Kong International Oncology Forum (HKIOF) shall encompass a diversity of programmes ranging from basic/translational medicine to clinical research and immune-oncology of multiple disciplines and specialties. We are confident that HKIOF shall be the hub of prestigious cancer academia in the Asia-Pacific region.